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Cassandra Bergeron

Had a traumatic experience as a child with dentists so I've always been anxious but this clinic goes above and beyond for their patients. The staff are always nice and welcome you with open arms and they make sure your dental experience is the best even during the covid pandemic. I could go on forever with this review. Keep up the great work!

Dustin Hamilton

Root Canals here are a walk in the park. I've had two of them done. It's comforting to finally find an office that knows what they are doing. I've had terrible experiences at other places.

Alex Summers

I have not been to the dentist in ten years, a combination of fear and low income. Barton Dental relieves both of those barriers. They offer an amazing in-house insurance plan, regular promotional discounts, and they accept almost all insurance plans - even going so far as to submit your claim for you. But truthfully, the staff makes Barton Dental the gem that it is. The hygienist, the dentist, and especially the incredible team at the front desk immediately put your mind at ease and make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Abby C

Barton Dental creates such a comfortable and friendly environment to have dental work done. All of the staff will make you feel welcome and they complete their job efficiently! Dr. Ameen is such a great owner who listens to the patient's concerns then makes you feel great in your smile:) I would highly recommend to give Barton Dental a call and make the switch.

Ashley Lupton

Amazing place! Very friendly and nice staff. I took my 3 kids and myself and we all had a great experience. They sure know how to make going to the dentist feel fun. Lots of laughs. Very clean. Very gentle and explained everything in so much detail. Highly recommended!

Amanda Czerwinski

This dentist is one of the best in Hamilton. They are great with kids. My daughter is 12 yrs old, she was seen by Dr Ali. He was extremely friendly and fast. My daughter left with a smile. I would highly recommend this dental office to anyone looking for a good dentist. They are always very friendly and efficient.

Lucie Johnstone

I went in for 2 root canals and it was not what I expected. It went so well and I had no pain during or after. Plus, I had 3 fillings done. They did it in an amazing amount of time. Barton Dental is so calming and the people are amazing. Thank you for making my experience a good one.

Paula B

The hygienist is absolutely awesome, my children have been going there since they were old enough to see a dentist. My 6-year-old asks when his appointment is, they are amazing with children and know how to make children feel comfortable and safe. Highly recommended to anyone who is taking their child for the first time.

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