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Serving the Hamilton Area for more than 20 years. Always a pioneer of the latest dental techniques, technology and customer service.



Student Discount

All students are eligible to receive a 20% discount on any and all dental work.

*Offer valid until 28/02/2021

We offer quality dental service from our team of specialists

Barton Dental - Hamilton

A Warm Welcome

You’ll be pleased to find that our Hamilton dental office is staffed by professionals who are highly trained and happy to see you. Our clinic stands out because we understand the importance of maintaining and growing our personal knowledge-base and we pride ourselves on having a friendly, helpful and dedicated team.

Barton Dental - Hamilton

A Beautiful Smile

Your health and comfort is our top priority. We offer quality dental services and guidance which will set you on the path for a lifetime of exceptional dental and oral health. The foundation of a beautiful smile is a healthy smile.

Barton Dental - Hamilton

Friends Helping Friends

We have a long and proud history, but we believe our best years are still ahead of us. We couldn’t have gotten this far without you and we’re excited to continue to grow with you. Because we are making this journey together, we greet and treat each and every patient the way we would want to be treated.

Barton Dental - Hamilton

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