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An Introduction to Same-day Crowns

A crown is a uniquely curated cover. Both resembling and feeling like a natural tooth, it is designed to replace a tooth which has been broken or disfigured by a variety of causes such as; decay, root canal treatment, staining, or even misshapenness. Fully capable of restoring a damaged tooth’s intended strength and function by fitting perfectly on top. We are equipped to design and create a crown suited perfectly for your smile all in one simple visit, thanks to our CEREC same day process- meaning no temporary crowns or impressions are required!

The New Leading Edge

Previously, getting a crown was a grueling process; consisting of up to 3 appointments and being forced to wear a notoriously uncomfortable temporary crown. However, thanks to new techniques and technological advancements adopted by our team, getting a crown is now more seamless than ever.

A few of these advantages include

  • We utilize an incredibly accurate and comfortable digital 3D scan, avoiding messy impressions.
  • One visit is all that’s required for a complete treatment.
  • Preserve more structure of your natural tooth thanks to less drilling.

Same-Day Crown Treatment

Step One: Examination

We first observe the state of your tooth through careful examination, checking if decay has affected it. We then carefully remove the damaged areas and directly follow it up with a cleaning. If your tooth has stress fractures, a crown will assist in further protecting it from breaking along the fracture. We then shape your tooth; ensuring the crown will fit perfectly over top.

Step Two: Creation

Secondly, we utilize a 3D scanner to perform highly accurate digital scans of your tooth, no longer requiring the use of impressions or trays. The scan then creates an exceptionally detailed digital model of your new crown, and while you wait, the porcelain crown is perfectly curated by our team.

Step Three: Implementation

Finally, once your new crown is ready, it will be immediately bonded or cemented in place. Our team will ensure it’s the perfect fit and make a few final adjustments if necessary. With no need for second appointments or temporary crowns, the process is complete after a quick final polish!

The Cost of a Same-day Crown

Out-of-pocket costs for dental crowns may vary according to the unique situation of every patient. A typical insurance plan usually leads to a single crown ranging between $200 to $600 and up. For patients without insurance, a reasonable estimate usually amounts between $800 to above $1200. While for many, a dental crown is a necessity to restore the functionality and aesthetic of a smile, we understand its cost is something many patients need to take into consideration before making a final decision.

The Deciding Factors of cost

• The type of crown you’re in need of

• Where the crown needs to be placed and the complexity of the procedure

• The number of crowns you require

• Combining crowns and other dental appliances, such as bridges

• The equipment and supplies necessary to accomplish your unique treatment

Always Remember…

It is crucial to understand that a dental practice cannot asses your situation over the phone, simply because each unique smile requires a unique strategy. It is necessary to visit a dentist and undergo an oral exam to indicate all of the treatment options suitable for your situation, and generate an accurate quote. This gives you the opportunity to contact your dental insurance before the procedure, making you fully aware of any out-of-pocket costs before you make a final decision.

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Your consultation will consist of an extensive examination, granting our team the best understanding of your teeth, gums, and soft tissues, including the very shape and condition of your bite. This knowledge allows us to craft the best possible treatment to directly address the health and aesthetic of your unique smile. We also take pride in listening to any of your thoughts, concerns, and goals, and dedicate ourselves to assisting you in the understanding and achievement of your desired smile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, this depends on where in the mouth the tooth is located. Teeth situated towards the back of the mouth which are designed for chewing, like molars and premolars, usually require crowns. However, those which are designed for other purposes like incisors or canines, usually don’t.

Crowns prove to be much more durable than fillings. The repeated pressure of chewing or bad habits such as clenching can cause fillings on the biting surfaces of molars to chip or even come loose. A crown maintains its strength as a single unbroken surface from gumline to gumline, and is specifically designed to endure much more force over a longer time period.

Crowns are so popular because they restore the complete functionality of your tooth. Granting you the ability to open and close your jaw without discomfort and pain. Not only that, but crowns are designed to completely blend in with the shape and hue of your natural teeth so effectively that we’ve had many clients over time forget which tooth is their own and which is their crown.

A post isn’t necessarily a dental implant, which is surgically implanted in the jaw bone, instead it serves as a medical-grade post that may be cemented into a prepared root canal to reinforce the base and core of a dental crown. This is typically only used if there isn’t enough healthy tooth left to hold down a crown reliably.

It typically depends on the state of your tooth and overall oral health, however most crowns feel similar to getting a filling. We take caution to ensure the particular area is numbed properly, resulting in virtually no pain being felt at all. After the procedure is complete, it is common to experience some sensitivity or soreness surrounding the gums for a short period of time. If you feel anxious during a dentist visit, please make sure to inform us! We would love to put your mind at ease and make your time with us as comfortable as possible.

Usually dental crowns last about 15 years. However, under proper care and management they can last for 25-30 years.

A dental crown is maintained virtually the same as a natural tooth. All the dental advice you’ve received applies directly to ensuring your crown stays healthy! Regular brushing and flossing keep the crown, and the supporting gum around it, clean and healthy. It is especially important to participate in regular dental checkups and cleanings to monitor your crown over time.

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