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Root canal treatments can alleviate your discomfort and preserve your natural tooth before it reaches a critical stage.
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What a Root Canal Does

In a root canal procedure, the vital tissue within your tooth is extracted and exchanged with dental substances. These substances are responsible for restoring complete functionality to your tooth. In addition to extending the lifespan of your natural tooth, a root canal procedure safeguards your jawbone and the adjacent tissues. Furthermore, it has the potential to prevent future pain and additional treatments.

The subsequent signs may suggest a requirement for a root canal:
  1. Heightened sensitivity to hot and cold stimuli
  2. Intense tooth pain
  3. Swelling or inflammation in the vicinity of the tooth
  4. Discolouration of the tooth
  5. Formation of a gum abscess

How a Root Canal Procedure Goes

The subsequent explanation should provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the process your root canal would involve:

Getting the right diagnosis

A radiograph of the impacted tooth and its neighbouring region will be captured and analyzed to accurately determine the source of your symptoms. The treatment procedure might be accomplished over one or two appointments. In case two visits are necessary, you might receive a prescription for antibiotics to be taken in the interim. Frequently, the discomfort experienced during a root canal is due to pressure arising from inflammation. The antibiotics can assist in managing the infection, thereby diminishing pain during the process.

Clearing the infection

Prior to commencing the procedure, the region will be anesthetized to ensure your comfort. Once we ascertain that you are at ease and prepared, an access aperture will be delicately drilled into the tooth. Subsequently, all bacteria and infected matter, such as the nerve and pulp, will be meticulously extracted from within the tooth.

The final stage

In more critical instances, specific medication might be inserted into the tooth to effectively address any remaining infectious tissue. In scenarios involving multiple visits, a temporary filling will be administered. After the tooth has been meticulously cleansed and is devoid of infection, it will be permanently sealed. Subsequently, you can resume consuming cold water without experiencing any discomfort.

Root Canal Prices in Hamilton

Similar to any medical procedure, costs can vary based on individual cases. It’s important to note that opting for a root canal can lead to substantial long-term savings. That being said, out-of-pocket expenses, with insurance, might fall within the range of $200 to $500+; without insurance, they could range from $600 to $1200+. Following your consultation, you can present our cost estimate to your insurance provider to determine your specific out-of-pocket charges.

Several factors contribute to the cost of a root canal:
  1. The severity of the infection
  2. The location of the infection
  3. The overall health and condition of neighbouring teeth and gums
  4. Unanticipated complications that might necessitate additional work

It’s important to understand that accurate quotes can’t be provided over the phone or online. The unique circumstances of each case influence the pricing, and a dental examination is the best way to obtain a more precise cost assessment.

Are there alternative treatments apart from root canals?

Depending on your situation, there might be alternatives. A tooth infection is regarded as a dental emergency, and a root canal is the preferred method for alleviating the intense dental pain associated with the infection. What’s of paramount importance is that root canals can halt the infection from spreading and evolving into a life-threatening condition. The advantages of this treatment underscore our commitment to dispel any negative perceptions about root canals and to safeguard your oral and overall well-being.

If you suspect a tooth infection but wish to explore options other than root canal therapy, we encourage you to come in for an examination. We will confirm the presence of an infection and present you with a comprehensive array of available treatment choices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the time the causes are decay, traumas or dead nerves. Other times the damage is caused by loose fillings, crowns, or even cracks in the tooth.

The level of discomfort can vary among different root canals, yet we exert every effort to mitigate any pain. Our ability to achieve this is greatly facilitated by advanced technologies and the expertise of our meticulously trained staff.

While antibiotics might offer temporary relief, they are incapable of eliminating the already deceased nerve and tissue. The presence of the deceased nerve within the area leaves it susceptible to recurring infections. The sole effective method to prevent the recurrence of an infection is by eliminating the deceased pulp and nerve.

The duration of root canal procedures can range from 30 to 90 minutes, contingent upon their complexity. In certain cases, two visits to the office might be necessary.

The extent of coverage provided by your insurance company, if any, is contingent upon the specifics of your insurance plan. Following an examination, you can share our cost estimate with your insurance provider to confirm the coverage details. We advise making your root canal a priority, and if you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

A dental crown may be required on back grinding teeth, molars, as well as premolars. However, front teeth, canines and incisors don’t usually require one.

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